CRISSER Gestión Inmobiliaria

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More than a real estate

Our business are not houses, people are

CRISSER, from the beginning we devised an agency with open doors to anyone who needs professional intermediation. We turn fully with who wants to be part, so if it offers your property as if you are looking for it. In fact, our task is to join them.

While we employ is to save it. We are constantly interacting and by the way take back experiences to remember because we are passionate about our work.

Why we value each one of our achievements: arriving at the result desired by all.


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 The following company has been verified and complies with local laws to work as a real estate Company in Spain.

The RE/MAX strength lies in the quality of our Associates Agents.


REMAX is the world’s leading international network of real estate franchises in terms of sales. Its success and leadership draw mainly from the application of its exclusive working system, through which both associates and the customers themselves gain the greatest benefits from the real estate market.

To better understand this success, we invite you to read the historical aspects, its excellent brand image, the company’s values and philosophy as well as other aspects such as training, technology and the corporate social reputation policy, which have been key to turning this company into the hands-down leader in the real estate brokerage industry.RE/MAX is the international leader not only in sales of real estate franchises, but also in the number of properties sold, number of agents and offices worldwide and, most importantly, it leads in the number of satisfied customers! .

A satisfaction that is mainly due to the fact that RE/MAX and its exclusive working system is designed by and for the benefit of all the stakeholders in the real estate business.