International Real Estate Certification 2016

Real Estate provides international recognition for Estate agents to sell properties abroad, International Real Estate Certification 2016. Our member’s documentation has been verified and comply with legal requirements to operate following the  Code of Ethics and Professional Client Care included in the Estate Agency Work Regulations of 2010.

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How will behave real estate sector in 2016?

International Real Estate Certification is a document that we issued to validate that all our faithful in compliance with the legal procedures and technical to sell a property in the country where they perform their transactions of sale of real estate.
Our real estate certificate adds a high recognition worldwide, and allows any real estate convey confidence to those who need to use their services because by having an online support anyone can consult via web that the company has all the proper documentation under the law of the place where they sell property. Having this tool adds prestige and approval within the real estate sector as an international body is highlighting a group of agencies and real estate agents on the rest.

Learn the advantages of reaching the Real Estate market worldwide

Our association is distinguished because it specializes in highlighting the major groups of investment in the real estate market around the world. We have a wide variety of services professionally advise all people who want to invest or buy a second home outside their country. We take care to cover the following areas:

  • Provide advice to foreign investors when buying a property outside your country
  • Develop guides with specialized information when buying a property
    Information on legal procedures to be followed with expert lawyers in real estate
  • Advice on obtaining visas for tourists, investors, or nearby residents
  • Tips to consider when buying a property
  • Information on all issues related to tax area
  • How to correctly determine the value of a home before buying
  • Provide all technical aspects you should know before living abroad
  • Management processes involving the currency conversion and sending money abroad

That is why we specialize in advising foreigners who want to buy a property over the Internet. We are dedicated to assist all groups wishing to invest in international real estate market and serve link for those wishing to advertise their properties around the world.

We handle everything you need and provide consultancy to realize effectively the process of buying a building from the outside, offering investors the main opportunities in the global real estate market through the best agencies real estate around the world filed.

7 Reasons for get an International Certification
International Membership Certification

How to get it?

Mainly, it is necessary overcome a selection process where all real estate agencies worldwide present their request. Only those who have been tested and found by the qualified for the review of documents that provide staff may obtain the International Real Estate Certification. This is done to give greater prestige agencies sale of real estate, as this certificate allows each real estate guarantee to all persons who wish to hire the various services provided that these are top quality, and customers they can have the peace and security that your property is being managed by serious and responsible people.

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