Real Estate Association is an international society that groups together the best real estate agencies in the world. Our “International Real Estate Certification” is a document that we issue for all agencies, companies, institutions and professionals in the real estate sector in order to validate the legality and compliance with technical procedures to sell a property in the country where they carry out transactions real estate.International Real Estate Certification

Having a highly recognized worldwide certificate allows any real estate agency show people who wish to hire their services, which can ensure that the company has the documentation under the law of the place where they sell real estate, accounting for realtor who is receiving validation and recognition of an international body over other real estate globally.

Who can get the International Real Estate Certification?

Our membership  is open to all real estate agencies, associations, institutions, companies and brokers that working independently in the real estate industry worldwide provided they are able to demonstrate that they have their documentation operating day and ensure compliance with all rules and operating procedures for selling real estate.

  • Real Estate agents: One of the most important aspects for real estate have an International Certification is that the agency is being guaranteed by an institution that guarantees that every real estate companies affiliated to the association meets the requirements for legislation each country to perform sales transactions of real estate and are constantly fulfilling its responsibilities as a company while our register is in effect.
  • Associations and Institutions: Associations and institutions related to the real estate profession, or providing services in this field, may apply for membership in Real Estate Association. Registration requirements are identical to those of a real estate agency, which the inspection of documents showing that their operations are under the law of the country where work is needed.
  • Brokers and companies: Brokers or companies engaged in the real estate profession or maintain any link with the sector may apply for membership of belonging. This includes professionals 35 years or less dedicated to the area of ​​real estate to work autonomously and as in the previous cases, if they can show that they are up to date with the documentation that allows you to sell real estate in the country where they operate.

The certificate of Real Estate Association is issued in digital format and can be verified by a specialist for each company in the directory affiliate members section so that anyone interested in the services of the agency to consult so online the validity of certificate. This license has an annual effect, but once discharged from the service, you can proceed to the renewal. This digital document can also be ordered in physical form for the estate agency, professional association, institution, company or individual dedicated to the real estate sector may have a document that allows you to show your customers that are “Associated Member’s” of our organization.

Knows the value of being a member of Real Estate Association

Being a member of Real Estate Association allows open a range of opportunities within the real estate sector, expanding the international character of their knowledge, presence and business. Among the many advantages of owning a certificate include:

  • Allows you to expand its global influence: You can highlight in a universe of real estate with this certificate that allows you to get the support of our association.
  • It becomes part of the best network of real estate professionals worldwide: Having our  is synonymous with excellence in the area of ​​real estate.
  • You can make global contacts with real estate proffesionals around the world: One of the most important advantages of our certificate is that it has a global range and from anywhere in the world can request such membership.
  • Expand your sales opportunities with a reach foreign audiences: Another major benefit  is publish their properties on the website and that these ads can reach a foreign audience interested in buying properties.
  • Leverage the positioning of their properties through press releases: Monthly you can appear in our association issuing bulletins referring to topics of interest to the real estate sector is made. This important reading material, is a tool that allows you to get directly to buyers who are in search of the latest trends in the evolution of the real estate market.
  • Learn from international experts in the real estate market: Our personalized online consultation service has a panel of highly qualified experts provides advice to foreigners since 2001. This shows that we care about providing training and coaching in real estate.
  • Project your business and make it grow internationally: Our certificate is a great calling card for any real estate agency, gives international support and projection worldwide.

Thanks to all those reasons, each person or company engaged in the real estate area can be sure to have an membership is a guarantee of distinction that can add confidence and security to all those who have this recognition. In each process of verifying the constituent and legal documents real estate agencies or self-employed persons engaged in real estate business, Real Estate Association notes that each member has this distinction is a transparent and efficient organization in operations property purchase.

We provide tools so you can sell your property to foreign people

Have an certification allows all members to advertise their properties on the Internet in addition to the distinction of being an “Associated Member”. This adds the ability to position itself in the directory and highlight estate agencies within the universe of agencies and professionals worldwide.

One of the great advantages that has this document is that its international reach allows you to reach all potential buyers worldwide ensuring effective sale and for those wishing to place their property find it safer to hire the services of a real estate agency that when managing the sale of your home has a certificate which may have at hand the data from one of the best positioned in the search estate worldwide. Among our main tools include:

  • Access to our online network: our website is designed so that any member can use the tools we have for them so they can develop their profile as real estate professionals.
  • Establish contacts worldwide and promote your business directly: we offer resources for those who want to promote themselves internationally through our international certification, our press releases and our products with real estate experts conferences.
  • Use our platform to share best practices worldwide estate: Our calendar of events at local, national and global level lets you keep up with all the information about upcoming property fairs to promote in countries around the world.

If you want to have any questions or have any questions about the opportunities we offer to all agencies, companies, institutions and professionals in the real estate area, it is important to note that we have a team of professionals ready to answer all your questions about the benefits of having a International Real Estate Certification. Dont forget contact us through the form below.