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More than a real estate

Our business are not houses, people are

CRISSER, from the beginning we devised an agency with open doors to anyone who needs professional intermediation. We turn fully with who wants to be part, so if it offers your property as if you are looking for it. In fact, our task is to join them.

While we employ is to save it. We are constantly interacting and by the way take back experiences to remember because we are passionate about our work.

Why we value each one of our achievements: arriving at the result desired by all.


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 The following company has been verified and complies with local laws to work as a real estate Company in Spain.

The RE/MAX strength lies in the quality of our Associates Agents.


REMAX is the world’s leading international network of real estate franchises in terms of sales. Its success and leadership draw mainly from the application of its exclusive working system, through which both associates and the customers themselves gain the greatest benefits from the real estate market.

To better understand this success, we invite you to read the historical aspects, its excellent brand image, the company’s values and philosophy as well as other aspects such as training, technology and the corporate social reputation policy, which have been key to turning this company into the hands-down leader in the real estate brokerage industry.RE/MAX is the international leader not only in sales of real estate franchises, but also in the number of properties sold, number of agents and offices worldwide and, most importantly, it leads in the number of satisfied customers! .

A satisfaction that is mainly due to the fact that RE/MAX and its exclusive working system is designed by and for the benefit of all the stakeholders in the real estate business.

What is expected of the real estate market in the Malaga Coast?

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The market has set the funds for a continuous growing

The second province of increased purchases by foreign citizens in Spain is Malaga, where the Costa del Sol is located with a total of 4,739 properties, only in the first quarter of 2014, and this is a recovery process that started from the 2012. increases were seen in both the number of purchases and the number of sales, which have increased by 28% and 2.2% respectively in the region. This trend is expected to continue in the coming years, mainly in shopping, while prices may continue rising but not at such a rapid pace.
The trend for price increases this year, is expected to continue according to 2015 where there were increases of up to 15% in the most demanding areas such as Madrid, Barcelona and Marbella, mainly in the areas of greater luxury and exclusivity. By 2016, although it is expected that the trend is positive, the increase is not thought to be so abrupt, and it is estimated that this between 3% and 5%, however, may be higher in coastal areas such as the Malaga Coast, where you can produce up to 10% increase.
Malaga on the south Andalusia region over the past year there has been a slight increase in promoter activity, which is important because in the past three years had not started any new construction. However, the report notes that the initial supply of housing new construction in the regionhas fallen by 18.4% last year, from 18,485 to 16,508 units. Of the total housing new construction, 29.7% are unsold. A fact that “evidence a decline in stock on initial offer of 31.5% compared with the previous year.”
In this context of improvement of the sector it has analyzed a total of 266 promotions of new property in Costa del Sol (multifamily and single-family home). Of these, 207 were active promotions, paralyzed or 26 out of 33 marketing and promotions sold during 2013. The 41.06 percent of all promotions in marketing phase are being managed by financial institutions. If you also add promotions out of this situation (paralyzed or bank award processes), the percentage of promotions run by financial institutions and SAREB amounted to 53.6 percent (111) have stated since the consultant in a release. In the case of the SAREB that of the 3,000 houses that projects finish in Spain, will concentrate 166 on the Costa del Sol.
According to the consultant, half the homes in the south Andalusia have two bedrooms and 127 square meters; regarding family house, we find three bedroom type houses and 278 square meters. Average prices are 196,956 euros and 393,520 euros respectively, and after falling slightly less than 6% in the case of flats located on the coast of Málaga, and almost 10% for houses and cottages.

Market in the Malaga Coast

Market in the Malaga Coast

Foreign investment as a key to growth

The foreign buyer still found in the Spanish residential market a great investment opportunity, especially now with housing prices lower. This interest is even more tangible in areas such as the Costa del Sol, where foreign demand has registered an excellent performance last year according to the Report of the Residential Market of the Costa del Sol Golf, compared to a domestic demand stalled by the economic context , unemployment and difficulties in obtaining financing.
Statistics show that more and more buyers from outside Spain buy more floors to total transactions in the market, reaching record highs beat. Despite stabilizing prices, this trend has increased, and is that housing prices in this country are still very attractive especially in the coastal areas such as the Costa del Sol, for citizens from relatively stronger economies than ours.

Europeans are the most common buyers in Spain

Europeans are the most common buyers in Spain

The Spanish coast returns to dazzle the foreign buyer of a second home with his best claim. There is much activity of acquisition of new buildings, as well as buying opportunities existing homes. New turnkey apartments of one to three bedrooms and 800 meters from the beach chalets with ocean or mountain views, luxury homes that are a real bargain for a British, Belgian or German investor.
One indication that evidence the aggressive demand for housing by foreigners is that the supply of homes available in Marbella has been depleted and cranes reappear on the ground. Dozens of new projects have begun to develop since the beginning of the year and have been reactivated work halted at a rate of reasonable sales and marketing plan.
The growing demand is one of the reasons that energize gross profit for rental housing in the beach area, which is one of the key indicators of property value. Hence, the sale of houses to foreigners in this autonomous region is a great business opportunity, and if we consider that home buyers in Marbella, for example, are 70% foreigners.

Ease in obtaining credit

Among the causes attributed to the increase in real estate activity in the region according to Ignacio Acosta Sorge, is the fact that banks have made easier the process of obtaining credit, which in general terms to foreign buyers can get mortgages for 20 years interest rates up to 2.75%. This has aroused the interest of many buyers interested in Marbella and its surroundings were a while ago, but they have after the fall in prices during the housing crisis, and with these banking facilities, they determined to make the decision to buy a property in the region, which many real estate analysts, is considered as a safe investment.
After a month of moderate January signing mortgages to buy housing has accelerated its growth during February. Thus, the number of new mortgages constituted on homes registered in the records of the property stood at 24,887, 15.9% more than the same month of 2015, as reported by the National Statistics Institute (INE). In recent years, even with a weak economic recovery, it has not stopped since May 2014 hiring mortgage to buy a home maintain a positive trend, totaling 21 consecutive months of promotion.
The initial average interest rate for mortgage loans on residential property reached last February 3.31% compared with 3.35% a year earlier, while the average interest rate for total stood at farms 3.32%, with an average term of 22 years.
89.2% of mortgages last February used a variable rate, compared with 10.8% fixed rate. Euribor is the reference rate most used in constituting mortgages to variable interest, appearing in 93% of new contracts.

New projects in the door

Due to the growing real estate market in the region, new developments have their sights set on being built in Costa del Sol. An example of this is a series of luxury apartments to be built as close to the golf properties. The properties offered are modern, mostly two rooms, and prices are between 240,000 euros and 390,000 euros. They also have the advantage of being only 10 minutes from Puerto Banus and 5 minutes from San Pedro de Alcantara.
Wanda Star project is one of the most ambitious, and will be built at the initiative of the tycoon Wang Jianlin, who has seen great investment opportunities in the region, and therefore has made is choosing to build a tourist and hotel complex in south Andalusia. This project will be built in conjunction with the local group Villa Padierna, to form a luxury hotel expected, be successful and attract a greater number of Asian investors to the Malaga Coast.
Similarly, major American real estate conglomerates, have decided to invest in the region. One of the most important has been the company from Colorado, Real Capital Solutions (RCS) with over 30 years in real estate in the United States, and it plans to invest more than 200 million euros in the region.
One of these developments is Valley Heights located between Los Arqueros and La Zagaleta, which was built prior to the housing crisis and who had been in the hands of banks. The cost of property is between 269,000 and 464,000 euros, with apartments of 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms.

Property at Benahavis Hills Country Club

Property at Benahavis Hills Country Club

Other new luxury projects like Benahavis Hills Country Club, are examples of new developments in the region. This is more upscale than previous ones, and is composed of villas and town houses that have large areas.
Projects in the area are expected to continue rising as most of the space available for construction are located in this area. They also have the advantage of being close to many of golf clubs on the Costa del Sol, and is close to the major sites of importance in the region.
That is why large international conglomerates are interested in continuing to build in the area, which has already made its bet that until a few days ago was the wealthiest man in China.

The Costa del Sol Luxury reference for investors

The Golden Triangle of the region is where most investors have laid eyes since they began their investment in the region. They buy million dollar homes in developments such as La Zagaleta, the Golden Mile and Puerto Banus where the wealthiest people visiting the region invest.
Something that has always done highlight the Costa del Golf real estate over other destinations in Spain or Europe has been elegance. For this reason, here come together celebrities, movie stars, socialites, European aristocracy, and even the kings of Spain and Saudi Arabia have properties in this region and eventually spend their summers here. So if what you want is an autograph, you do not have to go to Los Angeles to search for artists but come in summer to Marbella.
Puerto Banus represents the ultimate in luxury and exclusivity that can be found in Marbella, which brings together shops, yachts, top brands shops, restaurants and hotels. It is for this reason that year visited by more than 5 million people.
In the port are some of the largest and most luxurious yachts in the world, so the price of mooring exceeds 2500 euros, and is the most expensive room in the world behind only three Italian ports.
The biggest fashion in brands the world like Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Hermes have their shops in Puerto Banus. The same applies to restaurants and clubs where artists and celebrities share the music of the most famous DJ`s of the music scene in places like Olivia Valere, Pangea, Cavalli, Seven, Tibu, among others.

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Contribution to the reader: Support with information to all that people that is interested in investing at the Costa del Sol, knowing wich will be the behaviour of real estate market in the region.

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The partnerships work between developers and investment funds for reinvigorating housing construction

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The crisis has affected the property sector since 2007 it has led to new alliances among major market players, such as unions and national promoters international funds have proliferated especially in the last two years.

With the return of credit to the real estate sector, although still suffering restrictions, have begun to alliances occur between international funds who want to go beyond the tertiary and move their money into the segment of residential development, waiting to consolidate the economic and demand recovery, and promoters of life, which are those with the know-how of the residential.

The president of the employers of promoters builders of Spain (APCE), Juan Antonio Gomez-Pintado, admits told Europa Press that the information available on these alliances is vague because the sector remains “very transparent” and figures are scarce. Data from the Ministry of Public Works indicate that the number of visas requested to build new homes soared 42.5% during 2015, adding up to 49,695 certificates in November.

However, this fact, despite being the best in the last five years, is still far from the maximum of 865,561 visas orders in 2006. In the midst of this opacity, Gómez-Pintado explains that it all starts when funds that manage “a lot of money and understaffed “decided to raise housing and” looking for a promoter who has deep knowledge of the area where you want to invest and have an advanced structure, “so that it can report weekly state expenditure accounts of the works and, However, that does not cast doubt on best practices and regulatory compliance. Gómez-Pintado notes that are medium or large development companies that interest funds, while CEO Aelca Jose Juan Martin, states that also have at the point of promoters look with knowledge of micro-markets.

New Real Estate Projects

When putting an ongoing operation, funds prefer to invest in new promotions starting from scratch with your partner. Again, risk aversion is there, and prefer to go hand promoter from buying land. “If you offer them yours operation, will be the question of whether you want to do an operation you think you will not go well and you want to share risks,” adds Gómez-Pintado, to annotate that, in the end, common practice is to “find a floor, show it to the bottom, see if you are interested, do preliminary studies and get going.”

CEO of financial consulting Irea, Mikel Echavarren explains that in matters in cases in which the promoter is responsible for building and marketing, often perceived around 3% or 4% of sales. In addition, you receive a rate close to 3% of the construction cost while, depending on type of opportunity, an additional incentive is also set to the promoter, once the capital of the fund and the investor reaches an internal rate of return after tax and financing default. As for the locations, Echavarren points to destinations like Madrid, the Costa del Sol and Málaga city, Balearic Islands, Barcelona and surroundings, and the Mediterranean Coast, as the most attractive for such partnerships.

“Great opportunity”

The sources agree that these alliances are a good opportunity for developers, especially for those who downsized during the crisis and want it back. Therefore, the president of PACE believes that it is “a model that is here to stay”. “The funds have a horizon of five to seven years that they have to recover the investment and if things flow normally will stay,” he adds.

According to Martin, “there is no time continuous relationships, but it is something that will go each day to more” because “the bank financing will continue to support, but there is an initial investment of projects that the bank never will.” Henceforth, the CEO of Aelca also believed to take place “lasting relationships” between developers and funds, but believes that only occur in the case of those promoters who have a vision of all or most of the domestic market. To Echavarren, it is a “great opportunity” for that promoter has not left damaged by the crisis to diversify their resources and enhance their capacities with a view to recompose part of its capital in a few years through participation in profits.

Who will buy houses in the future? The great challenge of housing market

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It is difficult to know precisely the future that awaits the housing market in Spain and other developed countries. The current demographic pattern shows that there was a decrease of 146,959 persons over the previous year, a trend that lives Spain since 2012. If the population decreases or stagnates, who will buy the homes of the future in 2015? There are many possible answers, but Credit Suisse experts argue that the chances are that housing demand collapses.

As explained experts from the Swiss bank in the latest report on the housing market (in Switzerland), today the demand is sustained by low interest rates, which allow agents to ask mortgages with costs relatively reduced. However, much of this housing demand is coming from the hand of people who are in the second half of their lives, while more young people choose more by rent.

“The demand for housing comes out by older people. The average owner in Switzerland today is 57 years. As the baby boomers achieve greater financial settlement will be more and more homes in the hands of these people that will dominate the residential property market, “says Credit Suisse report.

Young people choose to rent

“On the contrary, younger families are opting more by rent. It is increasing the gap between generations. As a result, the market for residential housing may suffer great pressure, especially when these young (one generation more smaller than the baby boomers), replace which is now holding the demand, “explain the experts.

Number of homeowners age (Switzerland)

And is that current generations are not only fewer in number than the baby boom, but they are also the heirs of the latter, so many do not need to buy a new home since they inherit their parents, or if and are owners could decide to put it for sale or rent, increasing housing supply without a corresponding increase in demand.

“From 2018 onwards, demographic change will be a factor of weakness for the expected demand in a few years we could see a drop of one third of the demand today,” sentenced economists at Credit Suisse.

This could also be extrapolated to Spain, where 78% of households have home ownership. 46% of the population has no mortgage or housing loans outstanding, while 32% still has to pay off the mortgage.

One option that could enliven the housing market is the arrival of immigrants, who are often in the first half of his life: “The desire of many newcomers to Switzerland immigrants buying a home is serving to support demand housing, “says Credit Suisse report.