International Real Estate Certification

Mainly, it is necessary overcome a selection process where all real estate agencies worldwide present their request. Only those who have been tested and found by the qualified for the review of documents that provide staff may obtain the International Real Estate Certification. This is done to give greater prestige agencies sale of real estate, as this certificate allows each real estate guarantee to all persons who wish to hire the various services provided that these are top quality, and customers they can have the peace and security that your property is being managed by serious and responsible people.

Real Estate Association is promoting a scheme that distinguishes the bearers of this exclusive certified as belonging to a select group of agencies capable of providing confidence to potential customers to have the endorsement of the association and its excellent quality control.

We has the vocation to act as coordinator of real estate associations worldwide as it allows announce the properties wishing to exhibit on their website and also have an international real estate certification that serves to strengthen the potential of their real estate agents while meeting the demands of their buyers.

The experience of this organization in real estate serves as a catapult to add prestige and confidence to participating associations, while the entire operating platform has a structure raising technical and legal documents for real estate agencies, since later verification and approval gives transparency and efficiency to the operations of sale of property that these agencies perform.

Code of Ethics and Professional Client Care

The Code covers:

  1. Knowledge of and compliance with relevant laws, practice circulars and guidelines, and essential facts
  2. Due diligence and compliance with law and statutory requirements

iii. General duty to clients and public

  1. Prohibition against bringing discredit or disrepute to real estate industry
  2. Duty to clients in relation to signing of documents
  3. Obligations in respect of agreements

vii. Obligation in conveying offers and counter offers

viii. Interpretation or translation if necessary

  1. Duties in respect of advertisements
  2. Duty to avoid conflict of interests
  3. Recommending professional advice where appropriate

xii. Safeguarding confidential information

CEA is included in the Estate Agency Work Regulations of 2010 (Download) >>

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